A photo of Denise Russels late grandmother. 

The man behind her resembles Denise’s grandfather who died 10 years prior

Photo taken in 1999 at the Worley Inn

The owners assume the young boy laying on the bed is Claud Worley who was killed by a train in 1800. 

The Haunted Mirror of The Myrtles Plantation 

The mirror holds the spirits of Sara Woodruff and her children who were trapped in the mirror after failure to cover it after their deaths. 

The Myrtles Plantation 

One of America’s most haunted homes. Allegedly houses 12 ghosts and built on an indian burial ground 

Robert The Doll

Once owned by Eugene Otto

Neighbours claimed they would see the doll moving from window to window in Otto’s house. Otto would scream during the night and claimed that the doll turned over his furniture

After his death, the doll went to a 10 year old girl who claimed it tried to kill her

It is now housed at the Fort East Martello Museum

The Crying Boy by Bruno Amadio 

Stories began in the 80’s where firemen claimed to have seen this painting in many burned houses but the painting remained unscathed. 

There are many other paintings of boys and girls crying and they are believed to be haunted by the child they depict. 

Mammatus Clouds

So amazing 

Post Mortem Photo

The girl that is standing is actually dead 

Lions Mane Jelly Fish

I would honestly shit in my panties

Russian Cannibals 1921